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(C) Sutton Court Lodge 7826
United Grand Lodge of England
Sutton Court Lodge 7826 was originally a London Lodge when it first established, being Consecrated at Freemasons Hall, Grate Queen Street in the heart of Holborn, WC2 on 29th May 1962 at 3.30pm.

The Consecration of Sutton Court Lodge, No. 7826 was in the capable hands of Very Worshipful Brother, James W Stubbs, Grand Secretary at FREEMASONS’ HALL

He was assisted by:
W. Bro. R.H.O.B. ROBINSON, FRCS. SGD as Senior Warden; W. Bro. F.D.L. McIntyre, QC., AGReg as Junior Warden; V.W. Bro. Rev. Preb. H. BAYLIS, MA., PGChap as Chaplin; W. Bro A R JOLE, DepGSec as Secretary; W.Bro Hon E L BAILLIEU, De., GDC as Director of Ceremonies; W. Bro. W.F. TILLSON-FREEHOLD, MIStructE., PAGSuptWks; as Inner Guard. The Master Designate (and first master of the Lodge)  was W.Bro. C E DEAR, AMIProdE; Bro Les F Lawrence, Senior Warden Designate.
The Founders and Officers were subsequently appointed as follows:
W.Bro. C E Dear, AMIProdE, Master
W. Bro. L W Derry, MSc(Tech.) FIM, Acting IPM
Bro H M Gentry, Senior Warden
Bro Les F Lawrence, Junior Warden
W Bro H Arrowsmith LGR, Chaplin
W Bro H J Packer ACIS, Treasurer
W Bro P H Gunner PPAGDC, Secretary
W. Bro E J Harris LGR, Director of Ceremonies
Bro D E Wells, Senior Deacon
Bro L Putnam, Junior Deacon
W. Bro G D Skelton, Assistant Director of Ceremonies
W. Bro R A H Emm, Assistant Secretary
Bro L Postlewaite, Inner Guard
W. Bro W A J Cattell, Tyler

The following Brethren were appointed as Stewards of the Lodge:
W. Bro. F.G. Ireland, Bro. J.E. Moyes, Bro. A.G. Bradley, Bro. H.G. Dimmock, Bro D F Martin, CIS., FI.M Bro P.C. Thornton, Bro. G. Gibbs, Bro B L Daniell, PhD FIM.

The Listing of Founding Members form an important part of our Lodge Banner, which is hung in the temple during all of our Lodge meetings. The Founders were from the sponsoring Lodge, Old Sutton Manor Lodge, No. 5550 named after an old house in Chiswick adjoining Sutton Court Road. Research shows that a previous house on this site was called Sutton Court and the Founders considered Sutton Court the obvious name for their new Lodge.

Sutton Court Lodge 7826, a London Lodge
Sutton Court Lodge when duly consecrated was a London Lodge and remained as such for many years, meeting initially at The Star and Garter Hotel, Richmond, following its Consecration in 1962. It remained a London Lodge upto becoming a Middlesex Lodge on 21st September 1979, where it moved to the Twickenham & District Masonic Centre at Cole Court where it remains to this day.

1970’s - The Wilderness Years
On 10th November 1972, after some 10 years meeting at the Star &Garter Hotel at Petersham, Richmond, and by special dispensation, Sutton Court Lodge held an emergency meeting at Richmond to move home.
The next regular meeting, on 26th January 1973 would be held at the Duke of York’s Headquarters, Central Block, located in the Kings Road, Chelsea. 
Sutton Court Lodge remained here for a few years before it moved its next meeting on the 9th March 1978, which was held at the Clarendon Hotel, Hammersmith Broadway (which boasted of having a purpose-built masonic temple holding meetings since the early 1800’s). In fact Ranelagh Chapter, whom we are associated with, are recorded as having held meetings there between 1872 and 1878.
The Clarendon has since been demolished for the Hammersmith Broadway shopping centre.

Later that year meetings would be held at the Star and Garter Hotel, Kew Bridge, Brentford, Middlesex, (not to be confused with Petersham Star & Garter) before it finally moved to Cole Court, Twickenham.
Sutton Court Lodge 7826 had finally come home to Middlesex and quickly established a permanent home at Cole Court, Twickenham, where it still meets today. 

On 27th June 1987 Sutton Court Lodge celebrated it’s Silver Jubilee and Installation diner when Bro Phil Atkins was installed in the chair and became Master of the Lodge We are proud the sons of those early members have since joined Sutton Court Lodge and we are now looking forward to having a 3rd generation of some of those founders in the Lodge in the near future.

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